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Virgo token is a Crypto token , inline of developing a Decentralized Cryptocurrency “ Virgo Coin”. The Project is to establish a stronger and Bigger Network Called “ Virgo Network” Wherein the Virgo Coin will serve as all the Daily needs , Utility and Business financing solution.

Decentralized Global currency network with Blockchain cryptocurrency token for reliable crypto payment solutions. Preparing for the future.

The team is Under Developing a Multi-Function blockchain that will empower new possibilities of developing smart technology modules to fasten information and exchange and delivery Daily needs , Utility and Business financing solution more convenient .

Virgo tokens ( VRO ) is a Smart Contract and Blockchain based Crypto tokens that can be stored,accessed and exchanged like Any normal Crypto coin.

0.10$ / VRO . This is an Initial setup price of token which will be then decided by the Crypto market experts of Virgo team before going to any Exchange platform

Stability Window .

Virgo team will also launch an exchange platform ( majorly for VRO exchange ). The price of VRO token in app is limited with Minimum and maximum limit.

This will eventually maintain a stability in coin price , resulting in not taking the coin to fluctuate serious high or low value.

Virgo token services are only available on a mobile “ The Virgo token app “

Download the app from Playstore, Search for “ Virgo Token “ OR you can also download from our website “”

There are several rewards and earning programs lined up to come in future, Currently there are 2 earning programs Integrated in app.

1. Jarvis Trading program

2. Referral Reward