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Virgo token- Decentralized Global currency network with Blockchain cryptocurrency for business and daily financial needs.

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We serve financial services with Crypto.Please refer to our whitepaper and other documents for more project details.

Taking Crypto to Next level

Benefits with Profit

Grab the well designed profit making programs, best fit for Traders and Crypto users.

Hodl & Earn

Experience the 100% result driven Jarvis Trading activity , hold your funds and receive daily profits.

Instant Remittance

Transfer VRO tokens to any user fro anywhere, Instantly. Get rearded for Fund trasnsfer too.

Save on Bills

Save on your bill payments, get best offers and TCN rewards on paying with virgo wallet.

Rewards & More

Enjoy high rewards on Inviting friends, bounty and on making payments and transfer.

Wherever you go
The VRO Multi-wallet makes it easy

VRO wallet is a free, client-side interface helping you interact with the VRO blockchain. Our easy-to-use, encrypted platform allows you to manage different wallets, interact with utility services contracts, and so much more.

VRO wallet puts the VRO token at your fingertips. We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts dedicated to bring you the most secure, most intuitive, and dare we say prettiest way to manage your Business and Utility payments. We're always here to help, and we're never giving away Crypto. Cheers!


Virgo Network and blockchain Algorithm is an in-house business management technical program that connects with real world resource through V-Dot API system. This is a highly secure and unified working culture that helps the Virgo team to decide the technical and non-technical aspects of Modern Crypto solutions.

The Insights of this reports are used to develop and execute new Ideas that can make use of better Blockchain technology for the generation to solve the real world problems. The Algorithm is verified by world business technology council and will serve as Beta version exclusively in the Virgo token project.

Everything we do, we do with passion that people appreciate.

Our Associates work hard every day to create a positive impact on the world we want tomorrow. These stories go deeper than our products and services and well beyond the headlines. Whether you want to know our latest news or want to learn about our culture and programs, we’ve got you covered.

The VRO token is for all
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The VRO Supply

A good number of supply to start with

110 M

Maximum supply

20 M

In circulation

10 M

For rewards

Get your VRO tokens for the lowest rate possible and enjoy the amazing VRO wallet services.

Thank you rewards!

Our Rewards is our way of saying "thank you" for joining us and for the difference you make in improvising our services Though we know you’ll find your good services as rewarding, we don’t think that should be your only reward!. That’s why we created Our Rewards, our appreciation program that awards you in a unified manner.