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Virgo token is a Crypto token , inline of developing a Decentralized Cryptocurrency “ Virgo Coin”. The Project is to establish a stronger and Bigger Network Called “ Virgo Network” Wherein the Virgo Coin will serve as all the Daily needs , Utility and Business financing solution.

Decentralized Global currency network with Blockchain cryptocurrency token for reliable crypto payment solutions. Preparing for the future.

The team is Under Developing a Multi-Function blockchain that will empower new possibilities of developing smart technology modules to fasten information and exchange and delivery Daily needs , Utility and Business financing solution more convenient .

Virgo tokens ( VRO ) is a Smart Contract and Blockchain based Crypto tokens that can be stored,accessed and exchanged like Any normal Crypto coin.

0.10$ / VRO . This is an Initial setup price of token which will be then decided by the Crypto market experts of Virgo team before going to any Exchange platform

Stability Window .

Virgo team will also launch an exchange platform ( majorly for VRO exchange ). The price of VRO token in app is limited with Minimum and maximum limit.

This will eventually maintain a stability in coin price , resulting in not taking the coin to fluctuate serious high or low value.

Virgo token services are only available on a mobile “ The Virgo token app “

Download the app from Playstore, Search for “ Virgo Token “ OR you can also download from our website “ Virgo.fund”

There are several rewards and earning programs lined up to come in future, Currently there are 2 earning programs Integrated in app.

1. Jarvis Trading program

2. Referral Reward

Simple, Just add BTC funds from “ BTC wallet “ option in the app.

To receive daily returns from Jarvis trading you have to maintain a minimum of $500 in your BTC wallet.

You will receive 6-8% of VRO token returns monthly.

There is a Well organised 25 Level Referral Program that rewards you with VRO token if any of your referral joins Jarvis trading.

The income is as follows:

Level 1 : 100%

Level 2: 50%

Level 3: 10%

Level 4: 5%

Level 5 - Level 8 : 3%

Level 9- Level 15 : 2%

Level 16- Level 25 :1 %

You will not receive the Same day Earnings and neither the Referral Jarvis earning. You are required to Maintain a minimum of $500 to keep earning continued.

Yes, You can release the assigned funds anytime and withdraw to your BTC wallet by following the Simple Withdraw BTC steps.

Login to your Virgo app , gotta Wallets -> Select BTC -> Click on Deposit BTC.

Scan and Pay directly or Send the funds to address provided in the Page.

Note : Sometime you may need to refresh the app to see the funds reflecting.

Login to your Virgo app , gotta Wallets -> Select BTC -> Click on Withdraw BTC.

Submit your receiving BTC address and amount and authenticate the transaction with Password/M-Pin.

Virgo app will provide VRO token on every rewarding stage, either its Jarvis earning , referral or others.

Payments and Trade.

Virgo wallet will also integrate Utility Payment, Bill Payments, ticket Bookings , Merchant Payments and more. Any token holder can use the token to make payments and get this services in exchange of VRO tokens from anywhere in the world ( Some countries restricted ).

This is the goal for Virgo Coin : A stable currency built on a secure and stable open-source blockchain, backed by a reserve of real assets, and governed by an independent association. Our hope is to create more access to better, cheaper, and open financial services — no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or how much you have. We recognize that the road to delivering this will be long, arduous, and won’t be achieved in isolation — it will take coming together and forming a real movement around this pursuit. We hope you’ll join us and help turn this dream into a reality for billions of people around the world.