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We have designed a friendly, secure and support backed P2P exchange model app. The whole new peer-to-peer exchange experience, you are going to love this!

Get Rewarded with VGO tokens.

For Every exchange you make and every contribution you do for the project you are rewarded with VGO tokens. A BEP20 native token with 110 Mn supply and will be listed on top 5 Dex and Cex.

Taking BEP20 to The Next Level.

Unlock VGO Rewards.

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To get our idea to the world we have allotted 10 Million VGO tokens on referral giving.

Stake VGO

Stake your tokens for the long run with best APY figures.

Use P2P

Win exciting VGO rewards every time you use the BNB to Fiat P2P exchange.

VG Pay

Coming Up! the VG pay model that allows you to make utility or service payments. Win rewards on transactions.

Wherever you go The Virgo wallet makes it easy

We are building an environment that allows users to make use of Trom currency into real world applications. You can not exchange your Binance to fiat but also use it to make utility payments, ticket bookings, registered merchant payment and more. Yes, that's possible and we will bring it to you!

Virgo Blockchain Model

It's all about Smart contracts that are scalable and customized. Virgo blockchain model will be an extension to BEP20 blockchain that supports the smart contract infrastructure for merchant payments and utility payments. There is lot more to be done with new possibilities opening up.

Everything we do, we do with passion that people appreciate.

Our Associates work hard every day to create a positive impact on the world we want tomorrow. We are not just limited to one single blockchain and we will add more partners matching to our goal and support the vision of making crypto available to all.

The VRO token is for all
and for everything

The VRO Supply

A good number of supply to start with

110 M

Maximum supply

70 M

Available Supply

5 M

In Rewards

Get your VRO tokens for the lowest rate possible and enjoy the amazing VRO wallet services.

Thank you rewards!

Our Rewards is our way of saying "thank you" for joining us and for the difference you make in improvising our services Though we know you’ll find your good services as rewarding, we don’t think that should be your only reward!. That’s why we created Our Rewards, our appreciation program that awards you in a unified manner.